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New ADMA Supporting Organisations welcome!

ADMA is helping European manufacturing SMEs become digital embracing Industry 4.0 opportunities to their full extent in order to become Factories of the Future. How? Adopting advanced manufacturing solutions and social innovation strategies. To reach out to the SMEs and to spread the ADMA methodology, Supporting Organisations are key. What do they gain in exchange? ADMA methodology training to offer a better support to their network of SMEs by: […]

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ADMA Learning Network Event 1 & 2

Topic: Human-Centred OrganisationLocation: Belgium Getting people on board On November 27th and November 28th, Agoria facilitated 2 ADMA Learning Network Events in Belgium, with 2 hosting manufacturing SME’s that have won the Belgian Factory of the Future Award. A limited number of participants allowed for a lot of interaction and discussions throughout the days. The […]

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Support companies in your network in becoming Factories of the Future!

Asking more than 130 European SME-leaders about their biggest manufacturing challenges, their answers were: a mindset change to increase the employees’ willingness to change towards a more automated, digital way of working; a need to move faster and smarter from new manufacturing ideas & concepts to realisation & value capturing; the need for a clear […]

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