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Support companies in your network in becoming Factories of the Future!

Asking more than 130 European SME-leaders about their biggest manufacturing challenges, their answers were:

  • a mindset change to increase the employees’ willingness to change towards a more automated, digital way of working;
  • a need to move faster and smarter from new manufacturing ideas & concepts to realisation & value capturing;
  • the need for a clear strategy to generate added value from (machine) data;
  • how to detect new value creation opportunities, so through sustainability & resource efficiency measures;
  • the availability of practical company to use cases and best practices.

The ADMA approach consists of a holistic, integrated optimisation plan that prepares the entire organisation for the future and does not solely focuses on technology and digitization

Plant Manager of BMT Aerospace, producing airplane components and employing 120 people.

Do you recognize a few of these in companies of your network?

Become a Supporting Organisation and ADMA can support you, as the initiative builds upon a proven methodology that already helped more than 700 SME’s dealing with these questions.

The ADMA goal is to assist manufacturing SMEs assess the possibility of adopting both advanced manufacturing solutions as well as social innovation strategies, thereby transforming organizations like yours towards next- generation factories with more competitive, modern and sustainable production.

ADMA gave me the opportunity to go out of my factory and see what is being done in other companies, even those that are very different from ours, observe and retain the best practices to implement them at home!

CEO owner of E.D.&A., assembling electronics and employing 70 people

Would you like to become a Supporting Organisation?

• Get trained on the ADMA methodology to offer a better support to your SMEs by:
– comparing their own Factory of the Future maturity with a European reference;
– showing how to transform their organisation towards the 21st century customer needs;
– demonstrating the benefit of not just ‘adopting technologies as such’, but to know which new technologies really work for them;
– involving them in top-level Learning Network Events with other European SMEs.

• Have exclusive access to the community including ADMA training material, tools, regular webinars and Q&A.

• Gain visibility! As a Supporting Organisation you will be featured on the official website of the European Commission for the ADMA initiative.

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