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ADMA’s T1 – Advanced Manufacturing Technologies explained

This is the last in a series of seven articles that the ADMA initiative has produced in order to present the self-assessed current maturities of manufacturing managers in relation to the seven dimensions that European enterprises can advance on in order to improve their manufacturing performances. The seven dimensions are: Advanced manufacturing technologies Digital factory […]

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ADMA’s short term pilot facts you don’t want to miss!

After having trained more than 50 advisors from different ADMA partner organisations last year, we’re very happy to announce that the pipeline of European manufacturing SME’s interested in our services is filling up quite rapidly.  Throughout Europe, over 210 manufacturing professionals have completed the ADMA scan. In the meantime 43 scan feedback sessions have been […]

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End-to-end customer focused engineering: ADMA’s 4th transformation area explained

Manufacturing SME’s throughout Europe are increasingly using customer expectations as the key driver and starting point for all new developments and processes.  This is good news. Robust, high-quality product, manufacturing and service creation processes are increasingly the results of a cross-functional and cross-departmental design approaches.  Significant challenges faced by companies nowadays are how to make […]

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