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Self-propelled robots in VOLA’s new factory

Experience VOLA’s new factory with self-propelled robots (you can activate the English subtitles on the bottom right of the video on the CC button)

Vola’s factory of the future is a unique solution to factory automation, where the robots support Vola’s employees by automating the many logistical processes, ensuring productivity and product quality.

MADE had the pleasure of inviting companies to visit VOLAs factory of the future, where participants could see the new robots working side by side the factory employees.

VOLA chose to invest in mobile robots to address the need to increase production capacity and flexibility, as well as the desire to create a world-class production environment.

This has resulted in collaborative working environment between employees and robots.

VOLA’s Factory Director Peder Nygaard speaks about the new robots at the MADE company visit.

The robots are improving productivity at VOLA, by automating the internal logistics. This enables VOLA’s employees to focus on production and ensuring product quality, says Peder Nygaard, Factory Director.

Furthermore, the robots help to manage VOLA’s rising demand for quality fixtures and taps.

VOLA already plans to buy even more robots to meet future demand and to further develop their new factory.

The VOLA case study is a perfect example of a manufacturing facility having
reached the highest possible ‘flexible manufacturing’ maturity level (level 5 on a scale from 1 to 5), an important topic within ADMA’s 6th Smart Manufacturing Transformation Area.

Thanks to our partners at MADE Denmark for this article!

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