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A bird’s eye view on ADMA’s Year 2 realisations

During the first year of the project, the ADMA team mainly focussed on the development of a sound methodology to support European manufacturing SMEs assess the possibility of adopting advanced manufacturing solutions and transforming their organisation towards human-centred next-generation factories with more competitive, modern and sustainable production.

The past 12 months the team concentrated on performing ADMA scan feedback sessions and constructing – together with the SME companies – more than 50 ADMA transformation plans.

Meanwhile several actions were taken to promote the ADMA initiative further. As a result more than 1000 SME executives have attended events where ADMA has been presented. These events enabled the organisation of 250 bilateral follow-up meetings and have been further backed-up by many articles and blogs on and through a quarterly “ADMA Factory of the Future Post”-newsletter.

The online ADMA scan has now been used by 132 executives of 55 manufacturing SME’s. The ADMA advisors used this input as the basis for organising a scan feedback session both at the company’s premises or – due to Covid-19 related isues – by setting up virtual feedback sessions.

Asking companies about the value of the ADMA scan following statements were noted:

The scan gives moments for reflection. At the current pace of work it is hard to find time for a calm analysis. The larger the number of participants, the more complete the picture becomes. In our scan we managed to get a large number of respondents from the company’s top management.
(Polargos – Poland)

We completed the scan with our top management and the most important was the discussion that followed and how we saw our position / score in relation to the various questions.
(BOZ Group – Netherlands)

The scan feedback session was very relevant for the team, since it was useful for them to clarify where they want to put the focus of their business and to identify their priorities, also internally within the team.
(Rein4ced – Belgium)

Although the ADMA short term pilot action still recovers from a global Covid-19 lockdown, more than 50 ADMA transformation plans have been sent to SMEs. Among these, more than a half are employing less than 50 people, proving that the ADMA approach fits very small SMEs quite well.

Eighty percent of the companies for which an ADMA transformation plan has been made have indicated T2 – Digital Factory as one of their top-3 priorities to concentrate upon the coming months and years. The ADMA transformations T5 – Human Centred Organisation and T1 – AdvancedManufacturing Technologies were part of the company’s top-3 in (more than) half of the cases.

On the question “How would you describe the support received by the ADMA advisors?”, companies have answered :

We have been well guided throughout the process and are very satisfied with the advisers.
(BOZ Group – Netherlands)

ADMA advisors helped us to identify what is important now and what will be important in the future, as well as to align the team in the growth and future of our SME 
(Rein4ced– Belgium)

The role of the advisors was crucial in the discussion after the survey. At that time, they asked questions which opened the discussion and caused reflection. They helped to reach an agreement between the survey participants.
(Polargos – Poland)

Currently, already 14 European manufacturing SME’s have decided to move to the next ADMA Implementation Plan phase. More on this in a next update 

Is your company interested in learning more about the ADMA scan? We invite you to experience the ADMA short scan or to send an e-mail to 

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