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Without crisis and challenges, there is no progress

We have spoken with Mario Šinko (CEO and founder) about Marsi’s experience with the ADMA initiative and the company’s management strategy. The company’s CEO is aware that they still need to make some key improvements before Marsi becomes a Factory of the Future, and they want to make that journey as efficient as possible.

The Marsi Group is a Slovenian SME which took part in the ADMA short-term pilot. Marsi today combines and offers Consulting and technical support, Research & Development, Rapid tooling, Mold manufacture, Injection molding (mass production), 3D metal print and Service of plastic injection moulding tools. About 85% of Marsi’s turnover is realized outside Slovenia. Marsi employs 21 highly skilled people.

What is your view about running a business successfully?

Nothing happens overnight. In order to succeed, you need to be patient, trust yourself and your business partners, put in a lot of effort and sacrifice, spend many sleepless nights and worries. Success is like an iceberg, only a small part is visible above sea level, and that is usually what people notice – success, happiness, independence. The huge part is hidden under water, this is what people do not see, except the closest ones. These include many ups and downs, disappointments, despair, hard work, steel discipline, perseverance, renunciation, sacrifice, dedication and self-confidence. If I summarize: mutual respect, continuous upgrading of business development orientation, long-term cooperation with employees and business partners and cooperative work is the key and the result of our success to date.

COVID-19 “happened” to the world. Does the economy and industry seem to have hard times ahead? What does this mean for you and other industry suppliers?

The COVID-19 virus will certainly be one of the key causes of this year’s global economic crisis. Unfortunately, there is no progress without a crisis and challenges. Every day we must fight for a better tomorrow and persevere, no matter what the situation is, follow trends, increase business, and added value per employee. It is not easy, but we must move on.

You are one of the few providers of 3D printing of metal materials in Slovenia.

It’s true. In 2017, we started intensively offering the 3D metal printing services with the latest and most advanced DMLS technology. We have put a lot of effort into it, but we found out that it has not yet fully established itself on the Slovenian market. This is still a new technology to many companies. The knowledge I have gained over the years helps me a lot. We took the advantage of 3D printing technology that we had in-house and started implementing tool parts with conformal cooling channels into our tools. The result was amazing – higher quality of products, we became more competitive and directly acquired new projects. When you are producing large batches, this actually proves the proverb “Time is money.” Together with our colleagues, we continuously build and improve our knowledge further and so we can push the boundaries.

What makes you special?

I am proud that we were the first provider of 3D metal printing services in Slovenia. Our specialty is in expertise and technical support as well as in professional advice. We are specialized in the manufacturing of injection moulding tools with conformal cooling channels.

What other modern technologies do you use in your work?

As a director, I rely most on a dedicated business and planning software in my work. The company systematically invests in equipment, new technology and process improvements. Competitiveness was accompanied by a Darwinian statement that ” the greatest and the best don’t win always, but those who are able to better master the changes.”

Where and how do you find the right staff to work in the company?

I would say that we have highly qualified workers according to the business needs. I am proud of my employees, because we create a positive culture in the company which is very important. I trust my co-worker’s. We are still looking for extra staff according to business needs, at home and abroad.

But how do you take care of the company’s visibility?

We are regularly present at professional fairs and events, both at home and abroad. We are interested in various events and conferences with the emphasis on materials and new technologies, when we can present the visitors and potential customers what we can do.

What are the main positive and negative aspects of ADMA scanning?

The most important thing in scanning is that we have gained insight into the real situation in ADMA’s transformation areas and which technological areas need more attention and investments in the future.

What else can we expect from you in the future, do you plan to expand the company’s business?

We are constantly upgrading and increasing our production programs. We are convinced that in the future the success will be generated by speed and quality of products, also we will focus on tailor made solutions, to pro-actively satisfy even higher demands from our customers.

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