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QUANTRA – ADMA’S Q3 2020 Best performing Supporting Organisation

Quantra is a consulting firm dedicated to help local enterprises achieve new levels of efficiency, productivity, and lasting value, with an open eye to short term improvement and the other focused on future discovery. Quantra works together with its customer to identify opportunities for improving business performance and create value.

What work have you carried out with SMEs so far?

We have completed the ADMA journey up to the transformation plan (included) for the following companies:

  • Buffoli Impianti – galvanic systems manufacturers
  • Dongo Casting – metal foundry
  • Brepo – precision mechanical processing
  • Metior – load cell manufacturers
  • Odobez (we are writing the transformation plan right now) – steel forging
  • Martinalli (transformation plan not finished) – hydraulic and pneumatic components manufacturers

With each of them we have carried out all the necessary steps for the realization of a coherent and significant transformation plan. We tried to dive into their business, helping them to translate their processes in the ADMA transformation areas, in order to find their starting level and some possible improvements.

Point of attention: we have noticed that many SMEs, especially the smallest ones, have some difficulties in interpreting and evaluating the ADMA questionnaire and, sometimes, this leads them to consider a topic not applicable to their context (making a mistake!). This gave us the push to try to adapt our storytelling of each topic for the different companies.

Which benefits do you think the SMEs want to get from ADMA? What are their real needs?

There are several benefits that a SME can extract from ADMA methodology, including:

  • 360° in-depth analysis of enterprise own business reality, considering many business aspects
  • Identification of strengths and weaknessesEffort to understand enterprise own business reality in relation to the surrounding world
  • Possibility to understand that not only large companies can improve and carry out innovative projects, but also small companies have opportunities for growth and development
  • Understanding that time spent on extra-ordinary activities can have benefits over ordinary activities
  • Understanding their internal potential and the power of investments over the future.

What will be the focus of your ADMA work the coming months?

  • Complete the remaining transformation plans
  • Use the transformation plans of some companies as a starting point for the creation and development of a supply chain digitisation project
  • Make the implementation plan for Dongo, to help them find the right path to extend their potential and meet their needs.

What’s your advice towards SMEs that didn’t step in yet?

Our advice to SMEs is to try to take their time from ordinary activities to carefully analyse their processes and their context, also in relation to the growth possibilities that modern tools and technologies can offer them. We think this may be the first step towards change.

What’s your advice towards other ADMA advisors to provide real added value to SMEs?

SMEs often need real support to understand themselves, to understand their strengths and weaknesses, to thoroughly analyse problems and find out solutions can be implemented. We often realize that it’s important to give client SMEs another point of view, a change of perspective to better focus the as-is situation and what the to-be situation could be.

The ADMA initiative developed a very powerful tool to support SMEs in the identification of their possible future. Our mission is dedicated to help small enterprise contextualise the different transformation areas within their own processes and business habits, supporting the questionnaire understanding with examples, accomplishments and best practices and identifying their path to the future.

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