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Escubedo, the Spanish SME exporting automotive, appliance and electronic products to over 45 countries

Escubedo is a global organisation with its head offices in Catalonia (Spain) specialised in the creation of ultra-reliable connection systems. After completing the ADMA long scan, their CEOJordi Escubedo, answered the questions of the interview below:

Did you complete the ADMA quick and long scans?

I completed the long scan directly.

What are the main positive and negative aspects of the ADMA company scan?

Main positive aspects: They allow us to discover which is the position regarding the
dimensions of ADMA and also it makes you think over on the degrees of maturity of
each dimension.

Main negative aspects: it is a bit long and complex to answer.

What valuable insights did the scan exercise give you about your company and its processes?

It emphasised that Escubedo is susceptible to improvements.

How was the scan feedback session?

We discussed our current situation, the point of view and interests of each dimension.

At the end we become aware of the need of a roadmap to be able to order and prioritise the needs and solutions.

What transformation(s) did you choose to highlight in your Transformation Plan?

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and Digital Factory.

Is the transformation plan valuable for the company’s objective? If not, could you indicate why?

It is the beginning, it is more valuable with the addition of the implementation plan.

What does “Factory of the Future” mean to you? Do you aim to reach this qualification and why is it important to you?

Factory of the Future is a transformation of the manufacturing processes in industry
that represents a revolution based on Industry 4.0 technologies and solutions.

How would you describe the support received by the ADMA advisors?

There is a high degree of satisfaction with the service provided by Daniel Teixidor and Circe Serra, Eurecat technology consultants.

It is hoped that this relationship can continue beyond this service, with the
implementation plan.

Which of the services provided by the advisor were most useful?

The feedback session.

Would the SME promote the service given by the advisor and/or centre to other

Yes, I would.

What were the main incentives/barriers for the SME to move on into the
implementation phase?

We are very interested to start the implementation plan, to detect new solutions and opportunities and sort them out. It is necessary to have the whole picture and imply the team in the process.

The main barrier is that we need time to devote to the implementation plan.

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