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InTechCentras is the best ADMA SO of Q4 2020!

Their director Audrius Jasėnas and their Innovation Expert Marius Kvedaravičius answered our questions.

What work have you carried out with SMEs so far?

The Technology Center “Intechcentras” is established by the Lithuanian Engineering Industry Association LINPRA. The mission of the Center is to help SMEs and large industrial enterprises increase digital maturity and at the same time international competitiveness through cutting-edge managerial and technological innovation. To achieve these goals, we work with major European technology centers, institutes, digital innovation centers and share experiences in the application of different consulting tools and methodologies. At the same time, as the coordinators of the Smart Manufacturing Digital Innovation Center, we can promote all these innovations in a wide national and international network. For SME’s we provide independent consulations, digitalization audits and roadmap creations, trainings.

Which benefits do you think the SMEs want to get from ADMA? What are their real needs?

The expectation of companies is very simple, as of all business entities – to earn as much profit as possible and to do so successfully now and in the future. In addition, there are many values, company culture, long-term vision, environmentally friendly activities, etc. The ADMA methodology shows how many different elements a company needs to pay attention to and implement transformation steps to make the company profitable in both the short and long term, and its work culture, ethics, employee engagement, technology, and digital maturity are top notch. In many cases, companies scale very traditionally, believing that investing in technology will solve all the challenges of
competitiveness, but in many cases it is a misconception.
Projects such as ADMA allow you to look at everything more broadly, get
recommendations on what needs to be done and when to improve, and it is
also very important that the ADMA team of experts can match with the
required specialists who will solve these tasks.

What will be the focus of your ADMA work the coming months?

We are looking forward to continue our work with ADMA and add more value in transformation audits for local SME’s also invite more local companies to do ADMA tranformation plans as beginning of their digital transformation journeys.

What’s your advice towards SMEs that didn’t step in yet?

The best advice we can give to SME’s is to use ASAP ADMA as a great analyse tool to analyse there they are at the moment, to evaluate their processes, systems, human resources, define what might be next step action plan and make a first steps toward changes.

What’s your advice towards other ADMA advisors to provide real added value to SMEs?

Our advice would be to become a trustfull advisor in digital journey, to show different point of view for SME’s, best practises and good examples, help SME’s to change their processes and the way they do business and lead them towards change for better.

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