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Technogaja, an innovative SME from Lithuania, shares with us their impression about the ADMA pilot!

Technogaja is an innovative company from Lithuania providing air filtering equipments. They are down-to-earth, approachable and fun, and thanks to their “team-spirit” they break down barriers and engage equally effectively towards big and small projects. Read more below about their experience in the ADMA pilot!

What are the main positive and negative aspects of the ADMA company scan?

What first comes to mind is a very clear evaluation of the present state of the enterprise. You may have some imagination of where the company is at the moment, but after the ADMA scan is done, the reality appears.

What valuable insights did the scan exercise give you about your company and its processes?

The biggest value is the process of evaluation and involvement of more key employees of the company. They can be part of the evaluation and this way see the real transformation of the company from the previous stage to the present.

How was the scan feedback session?

We enjoyed not only the evaluation from the advanced manufacturing point of view or how deep digital factory is, but also found it interesting to touch ECO Factory significance and environmental impact.

What transformations did you choose to highlight in your Transformation Plan?

Our factory puts more efforts on Digital Factory and Human-Centered Organization transformations.

Is the transformation plan valuable for the company’s objective?

If you look at the transformations’ evaluation plan it clearly gives you an opportunity to define the current state of the company. You can compare this self assessment with the company’s objectives. Knowing the present situation you can even easily understand what you need in order to reach company’s goals. This helps to create tasks and show the organisation what work has to be done in order to reach the company’s goals.

What does “Factory of the Future” mean to you? Do you aim to reach this qualification and why is it important to you?

Factory of the Future forces to move forward. It is not only a nice trend but also a challenge that is well accepted by new generation of employees. Our organisation is working this direction. We are all part of global economy therefore growing the company through modern and advanced manufacturing is essential to us. Only constant development and transformation can ensure healthy and strong company maturity levels.

How would you describe the support received by the ADMA advisors?

The support was focused and well delivered. We felt the professionalism and experience of the advisors. This helped us to feel the European Advanced Manufacturing trends.

Which of the services provided by the advisor were most useful?

Scanning the company’s present state was the most useful. The scanning process was not only the definition but also an analysis of the organisation, the discussion and external expertise all at the same time.

What were the main incentives/barriers for the SME to move on into the implementation phase?

Scanning is a much faster process than implementation. Implementation will be a long transformation way of the organisation. Transformation first has to be done within company’s employees, so that organised and talented,
inspired people could lead and contribute to labour process towards successful Factory of the Future.

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