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Road to ADMA’s final event: SORI

Sori, a French manufacturer of tool storage trolleys employing 48 highly skilled employees, was able to reduce the production throughput time for welding one box down from 7 minutes to less than 2. The assembly of a full cabinet used to take 25 minutes. Today, it takes 7 minutes.

Not impressive enough for you? Already for years, the CEO implements a strategy of full involvement and usage of the (engineering) talent of every single factory employee. They call it their ‘Human Centred’ New Deal.

Sori’s turnover grew by 50% the last 3 years, and 5 new jobs in production were created. As compared to 2012, they now sell their products 20% cheaper whilst increasing their gross margin.

Ready to meet and learn more about this Factory of the Future?

Please join us at the ADMA Final Event on April, 22nd 2021.

Register for ADMA’s Final event HERE!

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