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«Advanced Manufacturing Technologies should always be a tool, not a goal»

Provan, a family owned Belgian metal components supplier employing  75 people, has one simple goal: zero inventory!  This means that every smaller series and a lot of production changes during the day.

Provan organized themselves to be able to process 3000 orders a month without having a planning staff department! Linking office cells with the production dept, a digitally supported Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) system has made every production department become a planning ‘hub’ on their own.

Every machine operator decides independently what will be produced next. Of course, an intelligent ICT-system supports the employees taking the right decisions. As a result, employee involvement is extremely high at Provan.

As a result of the above, work-in-progress inventory levels decreased by a factor 9 and assembly throughput times moved down from 4 weeks to 3 days !

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