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Meet the Advanced Manufacturing Champions

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Although Covid-19 made shop floor visits hardly impossible, the ADMA advisors last year supported 69 companies in 12 countries to perform the ADMA long scan, execute an on-site or virtual scan feedback session in order to identify the company’s key strategic transformation priorities. To date, close to 20 companies in 11 countries are being further coached in the implementation of their transformation plans.

It is absolutely a must to bring this to the attention of other SMEs. I think many companies are looking in which areas they should invest first in the field of smart industry / industry 4.0. It gives them a good insight into where they are. We should also stand together for a powerful manufacturing industry in Western Europe. This is not possible if we keep performing below level in any of the ADMA transformation areas

Corné van Opdorp (Managing Director of BOZ Group)

T5 – Human Centred Organisation is a lot of times a real eye opener for the manufacturing SME. Although working on this particular transformation might not cost a lot of money, a lot of time will be needed from the whole management team to get sustainable results.

Krzysztof Lipiec (ADMA advisor from PIAP Poland)

T3 – ECO Factory is not something companies think about quickly and in many cases does not have the highest management priority. But by just asking the right questions during the on-site ADMA scan feedback session many people get inspired. We have several examples of companies that – although ECO is currently not their highest priority – already started investing in quick win opportunities like solar panels, LED lighting etc.

Annemarie Mulder (ADMA advisor FME Netherlands)

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