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ADMA Learning Network Event on ‘SMEs embracing digitalization opportunities for Smart Industry’

A unique opportunity to be inspired by strong Dutch companies, having implemented inspiring breakthroughs related to the transformations ‘Digital Factory’ and ‘Value- Chain Oriented Open Factory’

Webinar; 25th March 2021 (10.00 – 12.30 CET)

The ADMA initiative ( is pleased to invite you to the next learning network event on the 25th of March 2021. This event is organized by TNO (in cooperation with IDEA Consult and Agoria) and is built upon breakthroughs and experiences from a technology leader in Advanced Composites (Airborne), a leading aerospace company (GKN Fokker) and a cooperation between a startup (ARKONI) and the company Variass.

Speakers from companies in the Netherlands will talk about how they are taking on the digitalization challenge to become more competitive and create digital empowerment for their employees.

Please find below the detailed program:

  1. Research & Technology Organisation TNO will break down which steps your company can take based on the German Smart Industry Maturity model and its expert knowledge on digitalization. This will include connecting factories together based on the Smart Connected Supplier Network standard, making your machines talk on the shop floor and linking software together in your company.
  2. Three companies will highlight these examples from their own perspective.
    – Aerospace company GKN Fokker will highlight their collaborative design use case to deal with compliance in the value chain. GKN Fokker & TNO & Agoria have created an ITEA proposal based on Trust Linking to facilitate compliance in a trusted value chain network.
    – Composites company Airborne (Sarah de Smet) will showcase their automated & connected machinery for making composite products. By using data from the machinery, quality checking, OEE performance and production time predictions have become feasible
    – Newly founded startup ARKONI (Nico van der Dussen) will highlight the work they’ve done with the company Variass to digitally empower employees to create a better working process and allow employees to define their own digital working processes.
  3. Finally, TNO will conclude with a call 2 action from the Change2Twin program where 90.000 euro’s is available for SMEs that want to adopt Digital Twinning technology.

The participation in the event is free of charge for the participating companies.

The registration process for the event is now open! You can register here. You will then receive the connection details to attend the event.

For further information about the project, please visit or contact

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