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The ADMA Awards for European manufacturing SMEs

Covid-19 has not been able to stop the enthusiasm of the ADMA team. The ADMA project, supporting European SMEs in their transformation towards Factories of the Future, recently reached all the KPI’s set forward by the Commission… the ADMA project team therefore has a lot to inform you about!

At the online ADMA live event on Thursday April, 22nd  you will be offered a sneak preview into the main results achieved. Next, we’ll guide you through a total of 15 ADMA SME ‘best practice’ showcases and together with you we’ll look into what the future might hold.

The ADMA Morning News (11h00-12h30)

We’ll start the day with an ADMA morning News show, presenting the key learnings from building and implementing the ADMA methodology, engaging ADMA advisors throughout Europe and working closely with >100 European manufacturing SMEs during the ADMA pilot.

We’ll tell you why Advanced manufacturing technologies should support the SME’s ambition, not the other way around. We’ll also share evidence on why exactly European manufacturing SMEs do need proper guidance and support as a lever to transform their manufacturing processes, and why any kind of support should always be fully tailored to the specific needs of the SME.

Next, 5 companies will be awarded as ADMA Methodology frontrunners. They all actively embraced the ADMA methodology, and will share with you their ADMA journey from the scan process up to the implementation of the chosen technological and social innovation actions.

We’ll close the morning session with a first interactive session between the audience, SME CEO’s, ADMA advisors and European officials, through a presentation of SME input and experiences on following questions :

  • “Which ambition level did you set for yourself entering the ADMA project?”,
  • “Is an ADMA transformation plan valuable for the company’s objective? If not, could you indicate why?”, 
  • “Which aspects of your production are your biggest challenges in your journey towards Factory of the Future?”,
  • “Which of the services provided by the advisor were most useful?” and
  • “What were the main incentives/barriers to move on from the ADMA transformation plan into the implementation phase?”

The ADMA Champion event (14h00-16h00)

During the afternoon session, you will dive into the five key future trends & objectives for the further roll-out of the support offered to manufacturing SMEs on their journey towards Factories of the Future.

Next, in order to recognize their outstanding performance in one or more of the seven ADMA Transformation areas, 8 companies will receive an ADMA Transformation champion Award.

A second interactive session will be run, zooming in on questions like

  • “Which breakthroughs you expect to realize in key performance areas of your production”,
  • “Which projects did bring the highest shift in sustainability and employee engagement? Why?” and
  • “What could be further improved to make the ADMA support even more tuned to your needs?”,

The event will be closed by the announcement of the winners of the 1st European ADMA Factory of the Future Champion Award. This Award recognizes those companies that have been able to achieve and sustain the highest maturity level on every single ADMA Transformation area.

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