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ADMA Learning Network Event – DK

From coffee to silos – March 12th we did a virtual tour at two SMEs, who have completed digital transformations, sustainability initiatives and employee-engagement.

At ADMA Europe Learning Network, which MADE was a co-organizer of, the participants were inspired by two SMEs: BKI foods a/s and BM Silo opened their doors virtually, to show how they are shaping the factories of the future.

“We produce 50 mil. coffee bags a year. Together with ADMA and MADE we have completed a scan of our production and gained insights into areas where we can improve in the coming years. Everything in our productions is now digitalized, and we no longer utilize any paper. Our process and pallet-logistics in the warehouse has been optimized, which has improved our efficiency with around 70 percent compared to the time with manuel handling,” says the Factory Manager of BKI, Ib Hauberg.

BM Silo who, among other things, produce silos for transporting malt for breweries, has also completed a journey of development:

“We have gone from manual to digital packing lists, and since 2015 we’ve had fully automated production lines, which has minimized human error. The previous year we’ve successfully utilized cobots, as they’ve improved the daily routines for our employees, and increased incoming orders, why we’ve hired more people,” the co-owner of BM Silo Dorte Zacho Martinsen explained.

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