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«The greatest and the best don’t always win, but rather those who are able to better master the changes»

The Slovenian company MARSi group d.o.o. today combines Consulting and Technical support, Research & Development, Rapid tooling, Mold manufacture, Injection molding (mass production) and 3D metal print (DMLS technology) parts and tools. Most of the injection molding machines are supported with robot manipulators for product manipulation or with automatic packaging systems units for plastic products. MARSI uses high-tech equipment, skills, several years of knowledge and engineering experience for manufacturing of high-quality tools for plastic injection molding.

EConformal™ is a unique Slovenian ecologically aware service brand we have developed at MARSi group to meet the highest demands of customers while developing and producing optimal high quality tool inserts with revolutionary three-dimensional conformal cooling systems. This extreme geometric freedom allows the full optimization of heat dissipation.

Since quality is the best business plan from all points of view, more than 85% of MARSi’s turnover is realized outside Slovenia. Marsi employs 21 highly skilled people, with constantly upgrading business development orientation and cooperative work, which are the keys to success.

The ADMA Factory of the Future journey of MARSi started November 6th 2019 by a presentation of Paul Peeters (ADMA Project Lead) on the Day of tooling in Slovenia. On January 16th 2020, the Tecos ADMA advisor Matjaz Milfelner had a 1st Meeting with the CEO and invited the company to fill out the long scan. Four Marsi employees filled out the scan, and on February 20th 2020 the ADMA Scan Feedback session with CEO and employees was held.

“Through performing the ADMA scan we have gained insight into the real situation in ADMA’s Transformation Areas. Besides, we learned which technological AND non-technological areas need more attention and investments in the future. ‘’

Mario Šinko, founder and CEO of the company.

On March 10th 2020 the ADMA Transformation plan was sent to MARSi. Following transformation areas were prioritized:

T1 – Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

T2 – Digital Factory

T3 – Smart Manufacturing

Then Covid-19 came, and priorities had to be shifted to managing short term pandemic-related issues. However, late 2020 the decision was taken to proceed together with Tecos to the next ADMA stage, the Implementation Planning phase.

In order to further enhance efficient and flexible automation, communication and production planning, Marsi’s injection molding machines already are equipped with the monitoring systems which help the operator to see the real-time information about production and process parameters at any time on the machine.

The T2 – Digital Factory implementation will focus first on digitally connect also older equipment as well as those machines that already allow connection to the MES system via a connection module, which would allow people easy access to the most important information and allow information to be transferred to and from the machine. Next, focus will be put on marking all plastic injection molding tools with bar codes and register them in a central system, for better tool tracking.

MARSi will also carry on the development of mechatronic injection molding tools equipped with sensors which can be connected to the machines machine through IOT devices according to the project, incentives for research and development projects RRI2, co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union, called 3D smart IOT tool.

As a result, the MARSI employees will be capable of ensuring First Time Right production to the maximum extent possible.

Want to know more about Marsi and other ADMA Transformation champions?

Then join us at the ADMA Final Event on April, 22nd 2021.


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