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Want to know the most inspiring company quotes from the ADMA Champion Event?

One month ago (April, 22nd), Covid-19 still didn’t allow us to physically meet the many inspiring SME CEO’s, intermediary organisations, and European officials for celebrating the successful results of the ADMA Pilot Project.

Nevertheless, the project team created a dynamic, online ADMA show enabling the sharing of the main messages, learnings and recommendations of the project. Moreover, fifteen European manufacturing SME’s have been offered one of the ADMA Awards.  

Maybe you got the chance to watch the online event, maybe not. If not, please visit ADMA Final Event – YouTube and enjoy the aftermovies 😉

Following inspiring key quotes from the participating showcase SMEs deserve a more closer look:

We always set a budget for mistakes

Jakub Kaszuba – Owner & CEO BASE Group Poland

Next to applying an open door policy already for years, CEO Jakub Kaszuba installed a culture in which people should not be afraid to make the necessary changes inside the company. Mistakes will always happen, and they are openly discussed in order to look for root causes. Moreover, open communication is key. In our business anybody can challenge the CEO’s views. The CEO of Base Group is not afraid to discuss this and we want all the leaders to be ready for such discussions with anybody.

Data has become our biggest asset

Ruud Keulen – Managing Director Thomas Regout International B.V. Netherlands

“The most experienced people in the company have a lot of knowledge in their head. It’s a challenge to get that knowledge out of their heads, and transform it into digital databases. But there is another challenge and that has to do with the culture in the organisation. Almost everyone is seeing tools and equipment as the biggest assets, but basically that’s shifting now towards the fact that data is considered the biggest asset.”

Today I have Jean-Philippe who nowadays installs and pilots robotic cells in my company. I hired him 10 years ago just to take down products from the paint line and do simple packaging work

Hervé Valliet – Owner & CEO Sori France

Sori’s first objective was to regain international competitiveness and regain the markets that they had lost twenty years ago, which had gone to Asian countries. They completely overhauled the company’s workshop by investing in robotic cells at various levels. This has enabled them to redo the whole industrial organisation of the company and to regain its international competitiveness. All the delicate operations are done by robots and machines. The operators do the installation and piloting activities, as well as remaining manual operations like final assembly.

The company also worked a lot on agility and production changeover time on these different workstations. The longest production changeover time in the company today is 15 minutes.

Putting our first robot on the shop floor really created employee engagement

Dorte Martinsen – Owner & CEO BM Silo Denmark

The key action leading to the breakthrough was changing the culture in the factory, making innovation part of every company employee’s DNA. The project that brought BM Silo the highest shift in employee engagement was without doubt placing – already back in 2012 – a robot on the working floor (close to the cantine), and just leaving it there and letting the people touch it, be inspired to take on education and learning on how to produce with robots.

In 2016, the owners bought 2 cobots at an industrial fair, put them in the factory and invited people to experiment with them. Two young operator took the challenge and cobotized the shop floor’s welding cell.

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