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ADMA Pilot stats you don’t want to miss!

From the start of the project back in 2018, ADMA partners and Supporting Organisations have already presented the Advanced Manufacturing Support Centre’s methodology and ambitions to a total of 1936 SMEs. In addition to this, bilateral meetings with 228 SMEs have been organised in order to discuss about ADMA project in view of raising awareness on the relevancy of actions like ADMA (i.e. entering into transformation for a more sustainable, competitive, smart production). This materialised into 187 SMEs entering into a self-assessment (short or long scan scan) and 69 SMEs into the realisation of a transformation plan in the context of the ADMA project.

A well-balanced group of 22 companies out of 9 different European countries in the mean time have fully adopted the ADMA implementation Plan process.

They are active in a multiple of different activity sectors, and 68% of them employ between 26 and 150 people.

The majority of the Implementation Pilot companies started with an average maturity score on all 7 ADMA transformation areas between 2,6 and 3 (on a scale of 1 to 5). Most of them currently are working hard to materialize the implementation actions, which will raise their ‘post-implementation’ maturity scores a lot. More info will follow once we have gathered all the data.

Out of a total of 356 proposed innovation actions, 85 action have been selected by the companies.

Linking these actions to the 7 ADMA transformation areas, it becomes very clear that the majority of the ADMA SME’s have chosen T2 – Digital Factory and T6 – Smart Manufacturing as key focal areas.  Another conclusion is that T3 – ECO Factory and T7 – Value Chain oriented Open Factory clearly are not (yet) considered a top priority for the SMEs.

MES/ERP/PLM/PDM-related implementation actions were most often chosen (T2), followed by smart planning (T6), Big Data/AI/ML (T2), Digital Operator Support (T2) and Training (T5).

Want to know more about what exactly the individual ADMA SMEs have been working upon? Stay tuned, as next month we’ll publish the ADMA Inspiration Book. Want to reserve a copy already now? Just send an e-mail to

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