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ESCUBEDO: becoming fully automated

Escubedo is a global organisation with its head offices in Catalonia (Spain) specialised in the creation of ultra-reliable connection systems. The transformation plan  helped them to detect new solutions and opportunities and sort them out. For them, it was necessary to have the whole picture and imply the team in the process.

Escubedo creates connection systems for the automotiveelectrical appliance, and electronics markets for companies in over 50 countries. It is a group of companies located in Riudellots de la Creu (Girona), with subsidiaries around the world.

Escubedo performs all the processes required for the development of each connector: from the design of the product, based on the analysis of the market needs or clients’ suggestions, passing through the manufacture of moulds, with high-technology production equipment, to distribution to the five continents.

Innovation is a priority at Escubedo

The objective of Escubedo is to always be up to date in order to satisfy the needs of its clients. Therefore they dedicate many resources in the areas of research and innovation, which we apply to their designs and production processes.

Strategic priorities

With the aim of controlling and guaranteeing the final quality of the connectors, Escubedo operates in the entire production chain: from the design of the product, to the shipping of our products.

For them it is fundamental to develop the transformation T2 Digital Factory in order to boost the integral control of the flow of digital information and the transformation T1-Advanced manufacturing technologies, promoting the deployment of state-of-the-art manufacturing devices.

Implementation facts and strategy

As a result of the implementation plan in Escubedo 47 innovation actions were proposed. 10 priority projects were identified and assigned to the departments in charge of leading their implementation.

Their strategy was focused on the automation of all production processes; shop floor, warehouse and internal logistics, the optimization of the production through decision support tools that automate repetitive tasks through AI, flexibility and efficiency to be competitive and meet the growing levels of quality requirements of the automotive sector and adapt to paradigm shifts, and implementation of  quality controls in all processes in the shop floor.

Complementary to these strategic activities highlighted the optimization of management processes with dashboards by role and department for project monitoring and business activity, enhance and empower the IT-department to facilitate a smooth transformation of the company, strengthen the HR area with tools to facilitate its management and maximize employee satisfaction and reconciliation.

A few questions for ESCUBEDO

Did you complete the ADMA quick and long scans?

I completed the long scan directly.

What are the main positive and negative aspects of the ADMA company scan?

Main positive aspects: They allow us to discover which is the position regarding the

dimensions of ADMA and also it makes you think over on the degrees of maturity of

each dimension.

Main negative aspects: it is a bit long and complex to answer.

What valuable insights did the scan exercise give you about your company and its processes?

It emphasised that Escubedo is susceptible to improvements.

How was the scan feedback session?

We discussed our current situation, the point of view and interests of each dimension.
At the end we become aware of the need of a roadmap to be able to order and prioritise the needs and solutions.

What transformation(s) did you choose to highlight in your Transformation Plan?

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and Digital Factory.

Is the transformation plan valuable for the company’s objective? If not, could you indicate why?

It is the beginning, it is more valuable with the addition of the implementation plan.

What does “Factory of the Future” mean to you? Do you aim to reach this qualification and why is it important to you?

Factory of the Future is a transformation of the manufacturing processes in industry that represents a revolution based on Industry 4.0 technologies and solutions.

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