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Dongo Casting: digital transformation as a strategic lever to face and win the challenges of the e-mobility market

Dongo casting represents an emblematic case of how technological transformation can become a cornerstone of a company’s development and growth strategy.

In fact, Dongo Casting is about to face a strategic relaunch and growth plan that intends to lead the company to become a mainstream automotive supplier and market leader in the e-mobility segment in the next five years. One of the strategic pillars of this plan is the technological innovation, which the company intends to pursue through a challenging digital transformation plan.

The digital transformation will in fact allow Dongo Casting to establish itself on the market as a high-tech manufacturer capable of guaranteeing innovation and dimensional growth in a short time and thus gaining significant market shares in the rapidly growing e-mobility segment.  

Dongo Casting is company founded in early 2020, born from the acquisition by a group of investors of the business branch dedicated to foundry operations of the historic Isotta Fraschini of Dongo (Lake Como). The company can therefore count on a long experience in the manufacturing of aluminium automotive engine’s electrical components based on the distinctive “lost foam” casting production technology, that lends itself optimally to the production of complex components, allowing high-precision and residue-free casting in the cavities.

The new management of the company was from the beginning convinced that the competitive advantage provided by its production technology and the investments planned for the growth of its production capacity also at an international level, were not enough to conquer the e-mobility market and to guarantee centralized control in Italy of product and process know-how.

The company needs to act as a “game changer” on the market and show ability to innovate and grow.

For this purpose, the company took the opportunity to participate in the ADMA-European Advanced Manufacturing Support Centre project in order to clearly  and concretely define the directions of the technological change needed to best achieve its strategic objectives.

The Digital Transformation Path

Using the ADMA methodology the Project Advisor and ADMA Supporting Organisation Quantra Srl (AFIL Partner), supported Dongo Casting in designing the best technological transformation path, mainly based on the most advanced digital technologies, to support the achievement of its strategic objectives.

Initially, the current state of the company’s processes was analysed through the ADMA Long Scan and the specific technological improvement opportunities identified, then the current processes and strategic objectives of the company were thoroughly studied, and the most suitable technological transformation actions were selected for their achievement. Finally, these actions were organized in a structured and planned Implementation Plan and accompanied by a survey of possible suppliers and a budget for its implementation.

The outcome of this consultancy intervention has resulted in a detailed and articulated digital transformation project plan, which will be implemented in the next 3 years and able to raise the technological level of the Dongo headquarter and put it in a position to quickly improve its R&D, time to market of new products and centralized management and control of local and remote productions. The project will also allow Dongo Casting to develop a standard digital management model capable of accelerating the start-up of new production plants, ensuring the fast growth of the company’s production capacity .

ADMA journey

ADMA has helped the company to give a concrete and implementable form to  the technological  pillar of its growth strategy and take the first steps to achieve the goal to create excellent prospects in the context of the e-mobility automotive market in the coming years.

ADMA Project has allowed us to make the most of the opportunities that new digital technologies offer to support our strategic vison to face and win the market challenges of the coming years.

Renato Begnis, General Manager of Dongo Casting Srl

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